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You keep our red and yellow flags flying, thank you

Join us as we celebrate our incredible volunteers with the Lifesavers Lottery! With $1M GOLD and an Isuzu D-MAX up for grabs, will you choose to spend up big, save or invest your winnings?!

Each ticket you purchase in this $1 Million Lifesavers Lottery says thank you to our legendary surf lifesavers who devote their time to keeping watch of our coastline.

Feel good knowing that every time you see those red and yellow flags flying, your support has helped keep our volunteers on the sands and saving lives!

Closes 27.10.2021 4:00 PM AEST | Drawn 03.11.2021 - 11:00 AM AEST

Lottery No. 207

Closes in: 36d 21h 54m 55s

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Over 100 years of volunteering image

Over 100 years of volunteering

Surf lifesavers young and old have been volunteering their time and effort to protect beachgoers

Over 100 years of volunteering image

Over 100 years of volunteering

Surf lifesavers young and old have been volunteering their time and effort to protect beachgoers

A community-funded movement image

A community-funded movement

Your support saves lives, with the proceeds going toward training and equipment

Keep our flags flying image

Keep our flags flying

Say thanks to our legends in red and yellow

Australians have sponsored image

Australians have sponsored

Over 186,000 volunteers who devote their time to keep us safe at the beach

Did you know image

Did you know

It costs upwards of $80,000 for a club to set up patrols for summer?

When you purchase a ticket image

When you purchase a ticket

You are saying thank you to our lifesavers and preserving the Australian way of life

What would you do with $1 Million in gold?

  • Would you cash it in and invest? Make some smart financial moves for your future that could set you up for generational wealth!
  • Would you clear your debts?  Whether that's the mortgage on your family home, your car loan, business loans, credit cards or study fees - you could clear all your debt in one clean sweep and start your burden free financial future.
  • This year has been tough on all of us, why not take some time off and enjoy some well-deserved R&R? A long hiatus and reset might be just what your body and mind need. With $1 Million in your bank, you'll have the time and funds to spend it well.
  • Or purchase your dream home? Whether it’s the luxury holiday house by the beach, or the practical inner city family home. $1 Million could see you place your auction bid and then settle it in full.

Frequently asked questions

Draws are conducted at 190 Montpellier Rd, Bowen Hills QLD 4006. They are conducted under QLD Government License Regulation and are open to the public for viewing. A Surf Life Saving official who is not a ticket holder conducts the draw. The major prize draw is computerised with a random number chosen from ticket purchasers.
Major prize winners are contacted by their listed current daytime/mobile number once all of the draws have been finalised. Winners are also notified by registered mail.
Official Surf Lottery results are posted on our Results page and can also be obtained by phoning 1800 642 999 (AUST), 0800 442 501 (NZ) or +61 7 3177 5816 (INTL).
All tickets processed before the time of the close of the lottery will be entered into the computer draw. Customers whose orders for tickets received after the close of the draw will be sent tickets in the next lottery. If these tickets are not wanted they can be returned prior to the close of the lottery for a refund.
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